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About the BibUp

Doray's The BibUp

Our Founder

I am Doreen, and my husband is Ray. Together we are Doray's. The BibUp is our patent pending product, and it is a snap to use-literally! It has a turtleneck collar (made to stop all food and liquids at the top), easy snap back, and waterproof backing.

I have been a crafter most of my life, and in November 2014 as I was prepping for the Farmer’s Market, I decided to make a holiday bib to sell that month. While waiting for a pattern to print out, the idea of a collar came to me as a vision, and The Bib-Up was born.

Our product is 100% handmade in the U.S.A., and we use only the finest materials and fabrics in constructing our products, and we stand behind our products completely.

Moms and dads can finally stop throwing away baby's favorite clothes because they’ve been stained and ruined. With The BibUp you can keep your child's clothing clean, dry, and stain free. They’re wonderful for everyday use, easy to take everywhere, and make marvelous gifts for any occasion!

Moms Love The BibUp!

We are Lil' Mama approved!

"We finally found the bib of our dreams...The Bib-Up 100% handmade, is basically fantastic and will pretty much make all other bibs feel like the losers that they are."
-The Mamas (Alisan Porter & Celia Behar)

Kim Cunningham, Little by Little

Genius! There are so many times when my traditional bibs left me wanting. I can’t tell you how many collars on my baby’s clothing were stained due to lack of coverage during meals. I love this design that addresses the messes that occur while feeding baby.